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Story of the week...  Submitted By eslover1rh

When I was a little girl my family lived in Ulen, MN. We lived in a yellow House (if I remember correctly) it was on the east side of the highway and 1 block east of the Railroad tracks just to help you visualize. We had a little tool shed about half way through the yard and all the way in the back of the yard we had a barn all on 3 acres of property in the middle of town. When my brother and I would go to bed at night I would always be scared and my parents room had two entrances one of them was to the room that my brother and I shared and the other was to the living room. My parents’ room also had the door to the cellar in it. They would always shut the sliding doors that went into the living room before bed to conserve heat (or whatever other reason), and leave the sliding doors to our bedroom open and when they would wake up in the morning the cellar door would be open and the sliding doors to the living room would be open as well. Being a child, my parents did not tell me why of course not wanting to scare me. Our room was on the opposite wall from the sliding doors that went into my parents room, there was a door leading into our main level bathroom, that door would be open as well, and sometimes I would be asleep and wake to the bathroom door opening which it would do from time to time anyway so I never thought to be scared of it.  When my brother got a little bit older he wanted his own room so he moved upstairs which had a storage area that went along the whole North side of the House the rest of the upstairs was open I guess it could have been considered a loft in a way I never found out why but he didn't spend very long up there he would end up in bed with my parents or in bed with me a lot of nights never telling me why. Of course I was his baby sister so he didn't want to scare me. We moved out when I was about five or six and moved to the Fargo-Moorhead area. When I was about fourteen years old my mom lost the house for one reason or another but she told me about our family's history in the house. Apparently we were related to a lot of the residents in Ulen and my dad’s mother haunted the house (she lived there long before we moved in), and also a guy who lived there alone had a heart attack while on the toilet in the main level bathroom, the one that connected to my room! But I do remember being afraid to go into the cellar.  I always got the fight or flight feeling even by the door in my parents’ room! The House sold at auction for $500 and whoever bought it tore it down so it no longer exists but I do remember it very well. If anyone who reads this knows which House I am talking about and May have some pictures please get in contact with me at: eslover1rh@hotmail. I also remember there being a red house with white trim on the North side of us and a white house to our south.

Thank you

Submitted By PH

In 1969-1970 I lived in the town of Deming NM. During World War II just outside of town there was a base to train soldiers going into the war. There was a 3 story building on the grounds that was the hospital during WW ||. Part of the area had been rehabilitated for the county fairs. Some of the building were hangers to store airplanes in. Other areas were unused just being taken over by the desert.

The hospital was just one of these places. One night when all of my teenage gang were driving around someone suggested that we go to the hospital. That it was haunted. We were all excited about really seeing ghosts!
The hospital at one time had a circle drive to let out and pick up patients coming and going to the hospital. At one time the area on the right of the drive was, I imagine, planted with grass and bedding plants like they did in the 40’s . In the center of this area was a huge cross of the Christian faith.

The cross was made out of either 12” square, or 8” X 12” planks. trying to Judge I would guess that it was 15-18 feet high. The cross beam to form the cross was at least 7’ and maybe 8-9 feet.

The hospital was very spooky with large windows. The rumors around town said the many Soldiers were brought there to be close to their families when they came home form the War injured. Not everyone made it. We went into the hospital without any light source, so we aimed the car head lights toward the hospital. The hospital had a daylight basement with six or 8 steps down to the basement and six or 8 steps up to the next floor, a turn style and then 12-14 steps up to the third floor!

We all walked up to the second floor and started inspecting the rooms. We started seeing what I would call “bright disks” or orbs floating around the rooms. We were up high enough, that the headlights from the car could not have been shining in the windows. The guys and the other girl ran out of the hospital scared to death, I stayed there and walked around watching the disks circle the room. The air was cold, although it was summer in the desert. I was not scared, even though my skin was crawling, and I felt presence all around me.

I decided to go back outside where my friends were waiting, terrified in the car.

We went to the hospital on that night because old timers of the city talked about how the cross would raise up into the air and spin in circles at exactly midnight under a full moon. Before midnight I checked the stability of the cross to see if I could move it, The cross was firmly buried deep into the ground. At 12:00 am the cross seemed to take on a glow, as if there were a light beneath it. The cross rose up about 5 feet off the ground, and the cross spun five or six times in full circles. It then dropped back into the hole in the ground where it was firmly embedded ten minutes before. The glow of the cross disappeared, and I walked towards it to investigate. Upon inspection, the cross was buried firmly and un-movable, just as before. I stood there for a few seconds and prayed to God, thanking him for the service men who died, so I would have freedom.