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Minnesota Paranormal Research Group

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Rochelle Harley- Founder & Lead Investigator

Rochelle has always been interested in the paranormal, although she truly has no idea what sparked the fascination for her. She lived in a haunted house as a young child but never experienced anything there. Rochelle recently went to a Ghost Conference and met so many amazing people, that allowed her to make the step toward starting a team. She is who we turn to when we have questions about anything paranormal. We refer to her as the Goddess of Ghostly activity & the face of our team.

Patryk- Assistant Tech Guy/Investigator

Patryk is by far the Most important guy on our team & probably the smartest… (don’t tell brock) but we definitely couldn’t do any of this without his knowledge of the computer technology that we need to keep up in the paranormal world.

Brock- Lead tech Guy/Lead Investigator

Brock, with his rugged good looks and unquestionable style, leads the Technical side of our investigations. With More than 13 years experience in IT consulting Brock ensures that we have the latest and greatest in equipment to maximize our research efforts.

Dane - Investigator

Dane is our newest member and his bio will be coming soon as well… sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you